WIJPS Virtual Shabbat has all the right ingredients

FAMILIES at Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School (WIJPS) took part in a Virtual Shabbat programme during February.   

All pupils worked on a ‘Bake, Make and Create’ project whereby they selected a different task to complete each day. 

There were over 30 activities to choose from, including baking challah, moulding Havdalah candles, creating a ‘Shabbat in a Box’ for a friend and designing paper flowers. 

One evening after school, 60 families then joined together virtually for a Chocolate Cake Bake.  fter decorating their cakes with a Shabbat or Parasha theme, pupils had the opportunity to enter them into the WIJPS cake decorating competition. 

There was also a Kabbalat Shabbat led by Tribe’s Rabbi Cobi Ebrahimoff, as well as the school teaming up with Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue to host the United Synagogue’s ‘Kabbalat Shabba  Live’. 

Deborah Harris, the school’s Jewish Studies lead, said:

We unfortunately had to cancel all our informal Shabbat related events this year due to Covid – our Friday night dinner for Years 3 and 4, our Shabbaton for Years 1 and 2 and our Year 5 residential Shabbaton. “

We didn’t want the children to miss out completely so decided to organise a virtual Shabbat programme to bring our WIJPS community together and we have been completely overwhelmed by its success with every family engaged in the activities.”



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