Supporting the warmth that Jewish Care brings

THE impact of world events on the cost of living is affecting everyone, everywhere, and Jewish Care is no exception. Electricity costs alone have increased by 125%, and the charity’s energy use over the last year is an additional £1 million.

Jewish Care’s services are vital to older people in the Redbridge and Southend community, and its staff and volunteers provide care and warmth every day.

Many older people will come to Jewish Care’s community centres this winter, not just for the stimulating activities and the warmth that comes from sharing the company of others, but also for the warm buildings and hot nourishing meals, as they cope with the cost of living crisis.

At Jewish Care homes, community centres and dementia day centres, Jewish Care can’t simply switch the lights and heating off to save on electricity.

Jewish Care’s services need to be constantly heated and lit and fridges and freezers kept on, so the chefs can make hundreds of nutritious meals to support the residents’ and members’ wellbeing and make hundreds of Meals on Wheels for older vulnerable people at home.

The cost of fuel used by the Jewish Care bus to take residents to hospital appointments and to bring members of community and dementia day centres on has also increased dramatically.

Jewish Care’s Chief Executive, Daniel Carmel-Brown, explains, “Our vital services are critical right now and Chanukah feels very different this year.

“That’s why this Chanukah, in these challenging times for everyone, we are asking for the community to help us continue to keep our services running, and our community centres and care homes warm. We thank everyone for your continued generosity and understanding as always and wish everyone a very happy Chanukah.”

• If you would like to donate, please visit or call 020 8922 2600 to help support older people in the community.

Celebrating Chanukah at Jewish Care Vi & John Rubens House – residents Michael Esterman and Frances Nathan with activity coordinator Jacklin Stephenson – photo by Blake Ezra Photography



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