No to Rockets, Yes to Peace

The Board of Deputies, in partnership with organisations across the UK Jewish community, are inviting people to share the message “No to Rockets, Yes to Peace” this Sunday 16th May between 10am to 12noon to show support for the current situation.

Israel is facing an unprecedented barrage of rockets from terrorist organisations, with over 2,000 already fired. These rockets are targeting the southern communities of Israel, as well as key population centres like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The Board of Deputies are calling on our community to show their support for Israel by taking part in a Covid-safe demonstration of solidarity accessible to all. This can mean people gathering outside, either in a garden or somewhere near their homes, with either a group of up to six people or two households maintaining social distancing, to take a picture with the “No to Rockets, Yes to Peace” sign to send a clear message of solidarity. Download a copy of the sign here.

The Board of Deputies are inviting people to share their pictures on social media with the hashtag #NoToRocketsYesToPeace. Leading communal organisations will also share the messages on their social media platforms. Organisations participating include the Jewish Leadership Council, the UJIA, the Zionist Federation, We Believe in Israel and BICOM.

The campaign will be taking place between 10am and 12noon this Sunday, 16 May.



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