New planters installed at Clore Tikva School

Covid 19 has impacted communities in many ways. Social distance guidance has meant that many of us have had to adapt and change our normal routines and behaviours. This has been the case for schools, especially Jewish schools, who have had to ensure that parents are protected from the transmission of the virus whilst keeping the pupils and school community safe.

The changes in drop off and pick up routines for parents has meant that Clore Tikva School have had to review their security safeguarding measures. To help keep the school community safe Redbridge Council have donated a number of large planters to create a protective barrier between the road and the pavement.

Louse Dorling, Chair of Governors at Clore Tikva School stated “we have been working so hard to ensure we can keep the children and the community safe when in and around our school facilitates. In addition, of the implementation of necessary social distancing measures we have had to ensure we are able to keep the community safe doing school hours. We are therefore so grateful to the Council and especially Cllr Martin Sachs and Cllr Judith Garfield who heard our call for action and responded

Mrs Buller, Head Teacher at Clore Tikva mentioned “the planters have not only given the community a sense of security but they will also be used to help teach the students about biodiversity and the environment. We will be looking for volunteers to donate plants and flowers that the children can install and run a number of educational environmental initiatives around them through the year

Cllr Martin Sachs noted on the installation of the planters “We understand and sympathise with the parents’ concerns and are very pleased to have had the opportunity to do something about it

Cllr Judith Garfield mentioned “we are really pleased parents and children are taking ownership of the planters and will be running programmes that will engage the community and child in environmental issues and helping support their learning around biodiversity and the environment



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