Melava Malka at IFS 

Ilford Federation held their Annual Melava Malka which took place on the 21 Jan for the first time in three years, due to the Covid pandemic.  

Hosted by Rabbi David and Rebbetzin Judy Singer who welcomed back their predecessors, Rabbi Alex and Rebbetzin Eva Chapper who had spent 14 years at the former Coventry Road/current Clarence Avenue Federation shul.  

Introduced by Chairman Melvyn Zeff, Rabbi Chapper, recounted his time in Ilford, as a happy and rewarding period in his life as well as “learning his trade” before talking about his position as a magistrate. His observations and insights made for an entertaining, amusing and uplifting evening for the 70 attendees from the community. An excellent three course dinner was provided by the shul’s Ladies’ Guild. 

Jack Bond – Communications Officer, Ilford Federation Synagogue



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