Leslie’s legacy lives on at King Solomon

YEAR 8 and 9 students at King Solomon High School welcomed Pamela Halawi, daughter of the late Leslie Sutton OBM, a much loved and missed member of the Essex Jewish community.

Leslie would come into King Solomon every year and give a talk to the students about his time serving our country. He had a wonderful sense of humour and never failed to make his audience laugh even whilst talking about such a difficult subject.

Pamela shared many pictures and artefacts about her father and his story of survival during World War ll.Amelie Marks, who is in year 8, said:  “It’s important that we remember what generations before us went through to enable us to live the way we do today. I wish I could have met Leslie, he sounds like he was a really special man”.

Pamela Halawi with the King Solomon students and a photo of her hero dad



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