Essex Jewish News needs your help to thrive and survive

By Simon Rothstein

We are asking for YOUR help to secure the future of this newspaper and website. Please donate today at:

The only publication of its type anywhere in the world, the Essex Jewish News (EJN) is a vital part of our Essex Jewish community.

For more than 50 years, it has covered and highlighted the successes and stories of the Jewish congregations, schools, charities, businesses and people of Essex and East Anglia.

Founded in 1972, and originally called The Bridge, thousands of copies of the paper are printed and given away for free three times a year (for Pesach, Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah) – supported by a website and social media channels.

Our team are all volunteers, giving their time not for financial reward but for the love of what they do and what this paper means to our community.

But with rising print, paper and online costs – advertising revenue can no longer keep pace with the costs of producing and distributing the EJN.

The amount needed to keep the paper and website afloat is relatively small – around £10,000 a year – which is why we recently became a registered charity, in order to be able to fundraise and help achieve this.

So why should you donate to support the EJN today? There are numerous reasons.

We cover, and give equal weighting to, United, Reform, Chabad, Liberal, Federation, Masorti, Sephardi and independent Jewish congregations.

We publish the amazing achievements of all of the members of our Redbridge, Essex and East Anglia Jewish communities – no matter where they go to shul or school.

You will find think pieces on Judaism, Israel, interfaith and community from both Orthodox and Progressive leaders.

And we speak to MPs and councillors from all political parties, not quizzing them on tribal politics… but on what they are doing for YOU.

Our papers are accessible online and taken by libraries across the world – archiving and preserving our way of life today (and yesterday) for generations to come.

There are, of course, other Jewish papers and local secular media – but none that cover Jewish life in our region in anywhere near the depth, or with the genuine affection, that we do.

Quite simply, if the Essex Jewish News were to disappear so would a huge part of the history of our wonderful, successful and totally unique Essex Jewish community.

Then there are the opportunities we give. Budding Jewish journalists from our area have been given their start by the EJN, writing for us at school, university and/or when getting a foothold in the industry. We are pleased that many of those, wishing to pay it forward years later, return to volunteer and add weight to our editorial content today.

On the other end of the spectrum we have retired writers, for whom being part of the paper gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment that is often lost when leaving the workplace.

If we can secure our finances and our future, then we can also do even more.

We can make sure to get more copies of the paper into more outlets. With a community no longer concentrated in just Redbridge, Chigwell and/or Southend, we want to ensure the paper can also be picked up by Jews – and our non-Jewish allies – in Woodford, Epping, Collier Row, Romford, Canvey Island, Harlow, Chelmsford, Colchester, Cambridge and beyond.

We can find and support more volunteer journalists, columnists and photographers in order to feature even more diverse and compelling content.

We can update our website and social media more often, and maybe even add an extra print issue, so you aren’t just getting the news three times a year.

Many charities need to raise millions each year to continue. We just need £10,000 to help us thrive.

We know times are tough for everyone, but we are confident that together we can reach this target and
keep this important communal publication going for many more years to come.



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