Clore Tikva School Celebrates Outstanding Pikuach Report, Demonstrating Excellence in Jewish Education

Clore Tikva School is thrilled to announce the release of its Pikuach report, showcasing the exceptional achievements of the school and team. With great joy and pride, the school is proud of its extraordinary report, which highlighted the Schools unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding Jewish education within a thriving community.

The report is a testament to the School as an outstanding Jewish school. It showcases the school’s commitment to an outstanding and inclusive Jewish education for all children. The observations conducted on the team over the inspection highlighted their remarkable dedication, while integrated Jewish lessons were commended for their exceptional quality. The report unequivocally acknowledges the outstanding Jewish education provided at Clore Tikva School.

Clore Tikva is commitment to nurturing the personal and spiritual development of all students, through the tireless efforts of the caring staff in collaboration with parents, which has resulted in the exceptional outcomes which were highlighted by the Pikuach inspectors. The report attests to the collective success in achieving outstanding Jewish Personal and Spiritual Development.

Head Teacher Margot Buller said on receiving the report,” As an experienced headteacher with a 24-year tenure across various schools, I can confidently state that Clore Tikva is unlike any other educational institution I have had the privilege of leading. The incredible spirit of collaboration and support within our team and community is truly remarkable. We firmly believe that a school’s strength lies in the collective efforts of its members, including parents, staff, and students. Throughout the Pikuach inspection process, we ensured that everyone’s voice was heard and valued.

What particularly warmed my heart while perusing the report was the inspectors’ recognition and celebration of the school we know and love. Their observations aligned perfectly with our own perceptions of Clore Tikva, reaffirming our dedication to inclusivity and acknowledging it as a core value. As a headteacher, I firmly believe that Pikuach holds greater significance than OFSTED, as it captures the heart and soul of our school and defines Clore Tikva’s purpose.

On behalf of Clore Tikva School, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have diligently worked amidst significant challenges over the past four years. This outstanding Pikuach report is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our entire school community, and we can all take immense pride in this remarkable achievement.”



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