10k for £10k fundraiser for local initiative

In October, Lesley Adams along with more than 50 volunteers put on their trainers to walk 10k to raise £10K for a local community initiative. The Made with Love Chicken Soup Run was initially started during the first lockdown by Yochy Davis. What started as a few bowls of chicken soup for her elderly neighbours who were isolating soon became a regular service delivering to more than 80 recipients.

Lesley got involved as the co-ordinator of the operation, and when Yochy was unable to continue last June, Lesley took over the reins full time. Along with her ‘right hand woman’ Rachelle Orgel and a group of dedicated volunteers the initiative has grown and grown.

Made With Love Chicken Soup Run supporters and volunteers

Now operating out of Loughton Synagogue, Lesley has a regular group of volunteers from across Essex prepare come together on every Thursday to make over 150 ‘goody bags’ consisting of homemade chicken soup, a savoury dish, homemade cake, fresh fruit salad, challah and a local newspaper.

Deliveries are made on Friday across Essex to the elderly, those without families, or those who might be ill or isolating. As well as the food, volunteers take the time to have a chat with each recipient on their doorstep, which for many may only human contact they receive each week.

Participants on the walk ranged from 18 months to 82 years old along with a few dogs and even a life sized chicken, courtesy of volunteer Jes Shine, who dressed up for the occasion!! Essex councillor Sebastian Fontanelle also took part in the fundraiser.

The group, dressed in specially designed T-shirts sponsored by Headstart Corporate Clothing, walked from Loughton to Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue taking in a visit to some of the recipients at Aztec House in Ilford, a home for the blind and disabled, on the way.

On arrival at Chigwell Synagogue, they were welcomed with drinks and snacks including cakes made by regular volunteer Sandra Waldman.

Lesley Adams and Jes Shine

Lesley told the EJN, “We are a lifeline to so many of our recipients. We just cannot stop this now!”

As well as those walking in Essex, Yochy Davis took part in the walk from Israel, whilst Rabbi Yanky of Loughton Synagogue took part all the way from Canada.

Thanks to overwhelming generosity for the community, the group were able to their £10k target and would like to thank all those that have supported them.

The money raised event will help keep up with the ever-growing demand as more and more people seek the service. Lesley would love for the initiative to extend across the country so that people in other communities could also benefit.

Lesley is always keen to speak to anyone who would like to volunteer to be part of the Made with Love Chicken Soup Run team. If you are interested, please contact her via email lesleyadams@outlook.com or call on 07956 902177.



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