Harwich Mayor excited by Kindertransport Memorial progress

By Simon Rothstein

A Kindertransport Memorial is set to be unveiled in Harwich, Essex, in early September.

Sculpted by award-winning Essex artist Ian Wolter, the statue depicts five children descending from a ship’s gangplank with moving quotes carved into the bronze.

The memorial will depict children that arrived on the Kindertransport, a British refugee program to help Jewish children leave Nazi Germany and find safety in Britain.

Between November 1938 and September 1939, approximately 10,000 children were rescued with the first children arriving by ferry in Harwich. Some continued their journey to London, while others went to holiday camps such as Dovercourt Bay.

Harwich Mayor Ivan Henderson, who visited the Sculpture Service Foundry in Manningtree to view the progress, said: “I believe that this memorial will add to Harwich’s rich history as visitors to the quayside will be able to visualise and connect with this historical event.

“We are pleased to be working with The Harwich Kinder Memorial Trust to support this initiative and welcome this piece of modern history to Harwich.”

To ensure that the statue was realistic, Ian Wolter used live models – two of who are of Jewish descent and living in East Anglia.

The statue is currently being bronzed and will be assembled on the Quay where there will be space between the figures so that children can explore their power at close hand.



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  1. Stunning! Thank you for sharing your photos and knowledge of our beautiful world. Your words brought tears to my eyes in these very emotional times. I would love to see a world where power is with those who care about others and our beautiful world. My rainbow is for an end to destruction, of lives and our world! Clement Oshima

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