Good grades for King Solomon students

CONGRATULATIONS to the Kantor King Solomon High School students who received their GCSE and A-level re- sults.

The school enjoyed a fan- tastic set of GCSE results, which reflects the hard work and effort put in by all its stu- dents and staff. Overall, 75% of grades were 4 to 9, with 31%at7to9.

Ten pupils received grades 7 to 9 in all their subjects. Much nachas to Alessia Bow- man, Francesca Bowman, Sam Chevin, Amna Farooq, Sam Feldman, Jake Hare, Amaani Rahman, Jasminda Tanya, Matilda Villa and Salvinda Zahir on their achievement.

Headteacher Hannele Reece said: “I am very proud of all the work our students and teachers have put in to make these fantastic results possible. I wish all our stu- dents the very best of luck in their next steps.”

Despite well-publicised issues with the A-levels algo- rithm, the school said that the vast majority of its A-level students “received grades that reflect their ability and will help them into the pathways they deserve, including many gaining their deserved places at university.”

King Solomon sixth form- ers are now off to universities including Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham to study sub- jects ranging from geography to neuroscience to financial mathematics.

Hannele added: “Results days are always a challenge, with the elation of many stu- dents set against the bitter dis- appointment of a few, but this has been an enormously stressful time for our students and their families. We wish all our year 13 students every success in their next step and look forward to them return- ing to our school to give ad- vice and support to our current pupils.”



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