Bringing Brick Lane to Barkingside

A brand-new ‘kosher-style’ deli had its grand opening earlier this month in Barkingside High Street. Pepperman’s Deli is the new business venture for Garry Pepperman and Tammy Westwood and the pair have high hopes for it.

As Tammy explains: “We want Pepperman’s to be a lively, fun place where people can grab a beigel or a coffee and hang out with friends in the evening. I think this is something that this area really needs and we are excited to be doing this.”

Garry and Tammy are not only business partners, but romantic partners too. The childhood sweethearts dated when they were teenagers, but after Tammy in her own words, “unceremoniously dumped Garry”, they went their separate ways.

Both moved on with their lives, met and married other people and started families. They kept in touch via Facebook and when Garry messaged divorcee Tammy last year to tell her he was getting divorced, they decided to meet up.

“Garry messaged to say that he was moving out on August 1st, so I said I would see him on August 2nd, and we have been together ever since. I think we always held a candle for each other, and now we are finally able to be together – it’s like it was meant to be!”

Pepperman’s Deli owners, Garry Pepperman and Tammy Westwood
(Photo: Amanda Schiavi)

Entrepreneur Tammy had previously worked in the US mainly in the packing and shipping industry, but she has cooking in her blood thanks to her father Italian chef, Giancarlo Caldesi. She has always been passionate about food, and feels that opening a deli is a great way to combine her interests. When she found out that the previous owners were planning on selling up, she immediately set about obtaining the business.

“I guess you could call me a bit of an opportunist, but I could see the potential in the business and felt that it was something that would be great for the Essex community.”

The whole process happened very quickly, and after a lot of hard work by Garry and Tammy and their team, Pepperman’s Deli opened two weeks ago with a grand opening. Singer Craig Neil was there to get the party started, bringing some classic tunes to customers.

“It was great to see so many people from the local community coming together to support us. Everyone really enjoyed the food, especially the salt beef beigels which we are really happy about. We want to be able to bring the brick lane vibe to Barkingside so that people don’t have to schlep to the East End to get quality salt beef beigels.”

Whilst some may consider working with a partner, especially quite early on in a relationship, as not being a good idea, Tammy believes that they work really well together, and make “a fantastic team”.

“I think we really complement each other with the skills we have. I am more about the business side, whereas Garry is more behind the scenes making things happen and getting everything done. He has been truly amazing in getting everything in place.”

Pepperman’s Deli is open from 7am – 11pm Tuesday – Friday & Sundays. Opening times on Saturday 5-11pm. Closed on Mondays.
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